Oh my! Insights about progression

Hello and good day to you. Today I listened to a lecture by sounddesigner Joonas Turner from the GDC Europe 2015 summit. Although he mostly talked about sounddesign for games as a whole, he still had some interesting things to say which made me think about how to implement them into the characters voices.

Impact in sounds makes a difference. This is something I knew since before, to put a short sharp noice in every sound to make the impact less or more punchy dependent it’s dB value. This way of artificially creating a punchier feel to a sound could work out really interesting, if one were to use it throughout the game to get a more coherent feeling when it comes to the soundscape. Perhaps I could utilize this in some way to get an interesting effect for characters voices as well, and not just for deepening the connection between player and game, although that is the main reason according to Turner for utilizing this type of technique.

Something to also concider, not only when creating a complete sounddesign for a whole game, but also att smaller individual parts, is to always have in mind what you want the game to feel like, and what the main focus is for the game but also for the person playing it.

I’ve also read some other articles (most of them focusing on voice acting and how to handle that for games) and I could continue searching for articles that may or may not vaguely concern my area of interest, but I believe it is time for me to start doing some practical tests and prototypes on my own, that way I think I can get a feel for what is lacking, and thus know what it is for information I am seeking.

For now, if you would like, you could check out Turners speech here, if not only for the incredibe way in which he explain things.

Until next time,




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